Hi, I’m √Čanna,

I am the founder, director … all those big words … of The Velvet Cell, but in reality I’m just a guy who likes books, photography and where they overlap.

I sort of fell into The Velvet Cell back in 2011 when I was living in London and unable to find photobooks that met my interest in cities. So I decided to make mine from scratch.

It began with an online pdf (as I tried desperately to figure out all things InDesign) and within a year I had published a small zine, in an edition of 40, with Austrian photographer Thomas Albdorf.

And we were off…that zine led to another, and another, and within a few years TVC had published over fifty publications from photographers around the world.

Now, as 2021 approaches it close, TVC is close to its hundredth publication. In 2019, Ricardo Nunes joined TVC to make it a team of two.

For each and every book, we have taken the same approach: to publish photobooks that contribute to the conversation on cities, urbanism and the man-altered world.

We have been fortunate to have been supported by amazing fans down the years, some of whom have purchased each and every book, and helped us to stay in this corner. With growth has come the opportunity to do bigger books, with new and exciting artists.

But it has also come with challenges. From packing and shipping all orders out of a few boxes in my spare room, we now have a warehouse in Berlin and a multitude of printing partners around the world that help us bring our vision to reality.

However, we are proud that The Velvet Cell is an independent photobook publisher with a specific focus on projects that explore urbanism, architecture and our modern way of living in cities.