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The Velvet Cell is an independent photobook publishing house based in Berlin, Germany, run by Éanna de Fréine and Ricardo Nunes. Established by Éanna de Fréine in 2011, we wanted to create a publishing house that connects new and established authors to a wider audience through the medium of beautifully designed editions. We are rooted primarily in the themes of modernity, urbanisation and the man-altered world – using the photobook as a medium for this conversation.

Our approach is single-minded: to create beautiful, interesting and informative books that bring delight to people, an help them see the world in new ways. In the 10 years we’ve been around, we have become known as a source of quality photography project s– by both established and up-and-coming artists. We pride ourselves on the care and thoughtfulness that goes into every stage of the book-making process, and strive to reflect the diversity of visual arts publishing today.


We welcome submissions to The Velvet Cell. Please take the time become familiar with our catalogue to get an idea whether or not your project would be a good fit for us. We are primarily interested in photographic work that explores, documents, critiques the man-made world in some way. We especially like projects that come with text that help to give the overall project context.

We accept unsolicited proposals, via our submissions form. Please note that while all submissions are carefully reviewed, this is a time-intensive process and unfortunately we are not able to respond to all who submit work. Thank you for your understanding!

Please be aware before submitting work that, chances are financial aid will be needed to make the book a reality. This may in the form of a grant, pre-ordered copies or crowdfunding campaigns. Unfortunately this is the reality of the situation – photobooks are quite expensive to make, and market for them is quite small. This is in no means a reflection of the work itself.


For direct enquiries please contact us at contact@thevelvetcell.com