Kudzu – Story Behind the Images

To celebrate the upcoming release of our new book Kudzu, we ask its authors Sabine Bungert and Stefan Dolan for stories behind the 5 images. “The vine that ate the south” is the common description for kudzu. In some regions, kudzu has covered large tracts of land, completely transforming them in the process. The plant not only overruns trees,

Undercover – Interview

To celebrate the release of Undercover, we talk to its author Onnis Luque Firstly, please tell us the journey behind Undercover? What led you to making it? Onnis Luque: The project Undercover began on the 19th September 2017 when an earthquake measuring 7.1 hit Mexico City. Incidentally, it was the very same date in 1985

Khmer Concrete – 5 Favourite Images

To celebrate the upcoming release of our new book Khmer Concrete, we ask its author Ekkehart Keintzel for his five favourite images from the project. NagaWorld, a huge complex of buildings consisting of hotels and casinos, shapes and reshapes the former Bassac riverfront urban development project today. The original idea was to develop a modern city district consisting of exhibition buildings,