New :: Taipei Diary :: Peter Bialobrzeski

December 01, 2016 0 Comments

New :: Taipei Diary :: Peter Bialobrzeski

Today we are so excited to finally release Taipei Diary by Peter Bialobrzeski. As many of you know, Peter came to visit me in Taipei in August 2014 to print the first City Diary, Cairo Diary. During his stay he shot Taipei Diary, which is his visual diary of Taipei, once the de-facto capital of China. 

In every City Diary Peter includes a written diary detailing his thoughts and observations when shooting. Sometimes they are about the subject he is focusing on, other times they are stories from the past that shape the project. 

Below, we have included an extract from Taipei Diary, as well as an audio clip of Peter reading the diary. 


26th August 2014

In 1949 the Kuomintang, led by Chiang Kai Shek, fled the mainland to take refuge in Taiwan. They declared Taipei the provisional capital of the Republic of China. The “real” capital was Nanjing on the mainland. Only problem was that it was occupied by Mao’s troops, as it is to this day.

The Kuomintang believed for a long time in the provisional. That resulted in an underdeveloped infrastructure and an overspend on “defence”, which in reality was saving up for aggression. The exile to the island of Formosa was only a step on the way to kicking Mao and his Reddies out of the mainland. You don’t have to visit Taiwan to find that idea very amusing when you look at “Red China” today.