TitleArtistYearStatusDescriptionPress Release
TVC093A Folktale From Vietnam: Speeding Motorcycles and Roasted LemongrassGianpaolo Arena2021AvailableA research and the production of a series of photographs taken in 2013, 2015 and 2018 during Gianpaolo Arena’s travels through Vietnam.Press Release
TVC092HappySad SouvenirsPaul Hiller2021AvailableHappySad Souvenirs is a documentary of cityscapes and artificial landscapes designed to make people happy.Press Release
TVC091The Death and Life of Great Asian Cities vol IIÉanna de Fréine2021AvailableA critical commentary of the state of Asian cities in the 21st century. This volume includes images from Kyoto, Jakarta, Osaka, Hualien, Tainan, Keelung, Taipei, Bangkok, Busan and Taichung.
TVC090Linz DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2021AvailablePeter Bialobrzeski visits Linz, Austria. Which was a provincial and local government city of the Holy Roman EmpirePress Release
TVC089Belfast DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2021AvailablePeter Bialobrzeski visits Belfast, Northern Ireland. Belfast suffered greatly during the violence that accompanied the partition of Ireland, and especially during the more recent conflict known as the Troubles.Press Release
TVC088Minsk DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2021AvailablePeter Bialobrzeski visits the Belarussian capital, Minsk. Minsk the 11th most populous city in Europe. Minsk is the administrative capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).Press Release
TVC087Yangon DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2021AvailablePeter Bialobrzeski visits the city of Yangon. With over 7 million people, Yangon is Myanmar’s most populous city and its most important commercial centre. Yangon Diary was shot between 21 Feb – 1 Mar 2019 and is the 11th instalment in the City Diary series.Press Release
TVC086Dhaka DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2021AvailableCapturing its crowded streets and back-alleys, Bialobrzeski’s images reveal a city in constant state of development. Dhaka Diary was shot between 21 Feb – 1 Mar 2019 and is the 11th instalment in the City Diary series.Press Release
TVC084Suburban BusAlejandro Cartagena2021AvailableBetween 1993 and 2004, Alejandro Cartagena would commute almost daily on a suburban bus from Monterrey to the suburban city of Juarez and back.Press Release
TVC082Falling WaterToshio Shibata2021AvailableIn a series of black and white images, Falling Water captures dam infrastructure across Japan and the USA.Press Release
TVC080Ecology of DreamsEwan Telford2022TBC
TVC077No Storm in SightNorbert Graf2021Available
TVC076American Motel Signs IISteve Fitch2020Available
TVC075KudzuSabine Bungert, Stefan Dolfen2021Available
TVC074The New TownsRaoul Ries2020Available
TVC073Guide to Home OwnershipAlejandro Cartagena2020Available
TVC072Tolyatti: Exploring Post-Soviet SpacesGuido Sechi, Michele Cera2020Available
TVC071Crown DitchKyler Zeleny2020Available
TVC070Khmer ConcreteEkkehart Keintzel2020Available
TVC069Napoli NordVincenzo Pagliuca2020Available
TVC068The Great EasternScott Conarroe2019Available
TVC067The Death & Life of Great Asian Cities vol. IÉanna de Fréine2019Available
TVC066Budapest DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2019Available
TVC065Zurich DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2019Available
TVC064Wuhan DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2018Available
TVC063Osaka DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2018Available
TVC062The City in ItselfRohan Hutchinson2018Available
TVC061JapanscapesAlejandro Shibata2017Available
TVC060A Guide to Infrastructure and CorruptionAlejandro Cartagena2017Available
TVC059Kochi NightsHans Christian Schink2017Available
TVC058The Older Industrial Parks near Newport, VictoriaBill Lane2017Last Copies
TVC057Kochi DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2017Available
TVC056If you lived here, you'd be home by nowRuth Connolly2017Last Copies
TVC055Tales from Beneath the ArchesÉanna de Fréine2017Available
TVC054Hotel OkinawaGreg Girard2017Available
TVC053Beirut DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2018Available
TVC052American Motel SignsSteve Fitch2016Sold Out
TVC051MomentWolfgang Hildebrand2016Last Copies
TVC050Mountains and WatersAlexander Gronsky2016Sold Out
TVC049Wolfsburg DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2016Sold Out
TVC048Jakarta: Modest Interventions and Minor ImprovisationsIsidro Ramirez2015Last Copies
TVC047Pocket Essays OneVarious2015Last Copies
TVC046Booklets Set OneVarious2015Sold Out
TVC045In Search of HabitatLars Mortensen2015Last Copies
TVC044Taipei DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2015Last Copies
TVC043Athens DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2015Last Copies
TVC042HualianÉanna de Fréine2015Sold Out
TVC041TainanÉanna de Fréine2015Sold Out
TVC040Urban LandscapesSander Meisner2015Sold Out
TVC039Blue MountainIsidro Ramirez2015Sold Out
TVC038The New CityGavin Mullan2015Sold Out
TVC037FalloutJohnny Savage2015Last Copies
TVC036Lost RiversÉanna de Fréine2015Last Copies
TVC035Common LoveIsidro Ramirez2014Sold Out
TVC034NorilskAlexander Gronsky2015Sold Out
TVC033Out WestKyler Zeleny2014Sold Out
TVC032FrameworksSam Laughlin2014Sold Out
TVC031Score (Scene #1/ Tokyo)Atsushi Momoi2014Sold Out
TVC030Paris et la BanlieueÉanna de Fréine2014Sold Out
TVC029Cairo DiaryPeter Bialobrzeski2014Last Copies
TVC028Rear WindowJordi Huisman2013Sold Out
TVC027Garden EstateFergus Jordan2013Sold Out
TVC026Closed for WinterIsidro Ramirez2013Sold Out
TVC025Crossing OverYanina Shevchenko2013Sold Out
TVC024Layers of Reflection - On The Plane #3Various2012Sold Out
TVC023The WeatherLaura Braun2012Sold Out
TVC022The Way AheadPaul Smith2012Sold Out
TVC021To Unveil and EnvisionLene Hald2012Sold Out
TVC0202 CitiesIsidro Ramirez2012Sold Out
TVC019Gone but Not ForgottenDavid Kendall2012Sold Out
TVC018Go For GoldGesche Wurfel2012Sold Out
TVC017EpiphamaniaNora Alissa2012Sold Out
TVC016Theatrum MundiManuel Vazquez2012Sold Out
TVC015Thames TownHaarala Hamilton2012Sold Out
TVC014Wandering StillSimon Rowe2012Sold Out
TVC013TunnelsSander Meisner2012Sold Out
TVC012BotanicaSander Meisner2012Sold Out
TVC011At The Airport - On The Plane #2Various2012Sold Out
TVC010Inflight - On The Plane #1Various2012Sold Out
TVC09ShadowplaySara Farid Amin2012Sold Out
TVC08Psychic HeartsSandra Croft2012Sold Out
TVC07Urban SatoriNykoh2011Sold Out
TVC06On The PlanePhillip Kalantzis-Cope2011Sold Out
TVC05BrookylnLuke Swenson2011Sold Out
TVC04NebulaAndres Medina2011Sold Out
TVC03Eanna FreeneyEanna Freeney2011Sold Out
TVC02Sander MeisnerSander Meisner2011Sold Out
TVC01Thomas AlbdorfThomas Albdorf2011Sold Out