Undercover – Interview

To celebrate the release of Undercover, we talk to its author Onnis Luque Firstly, please tell us the journey behind Undercover? What led you to making it? Onnis Luque: The project Undercover began on the 19th September 2017 when an earthquake measuring 7.1 hit Mexico City. Incidentally, it was the very same date in 1985

Kyler Zeleny – Interview

We are delighted to be interviewing Canadian photographer Kyler Zeleny about his project Crown Ditch and The Prairie Castle.  In the space of four years, Kyler Zeleny travelled the prairie lands of North America, driving over 15,000 km in the process to photograph and document their current realities. The prairies is an extensive region encompassing

Vincenzo Pagliuca – Interview

We are delighted to be interviewing Italian photographer Vincenzo Pagliuca on his project Napoli Nord / Case Rom.  Vincenzo photographed two Roma settlements on the outskirts of Naples, where he shows us dream-like topographic images of houses, their interiors and his inhabitants.  Instead of showing us precarious housing and decay,  Vincenzo images negate our presetted