Blue Mountain - Isidro Ramírez

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Penang is one of the most industrialised states in Malaysia. As a consequence, most of its flatland has been developed for industrial use. The rapid industrial and economic growth of Penang has caused a sharp increase in its population and, as a result, an increase in the need for more land for housing. As a small island (293 km2), with limited flatland, more and more housing developments has been pushed onto the hillslopes of the island.

Land regulations in Penang do not allow for land clearing for housing development above 250 feet. These regulations are often broken by companies speculating with the value of the land by buying and selling it for big profits.

Isidro Ramírez is a Spanish photographer now based in Singapore. After living, working and studying in the UK for 20 years he moved to Singapore in 2011 where he lecturers in photography at Temasek Polytechnic. His work shows a delicate balance of what is real and what is perceived, between the fabric of place and the texture of memory.

32 pp / 148 x 210 mm
Saddle-Stitch, Colour Offset
Limited Edition of 500

Also available as part of Booklets: Set One

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