A One Storied Country – Collector’s Edition


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272 pages, 16.5 x 24 cm
Hardcover with Silkscreen print
ISBN 978-1-908889-83-6
Limited Edition of 500 (400 + 100 Collector’s Edition)

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Теча (Tetcha) is a small polluted river in the southern Ural region of Russia. Its origin is also the site for the well-hidden Kyshtym disaster, which occurred in one of Russia’s biggest nuclear facilities Mayak in 1957. These tiny but significant waters were the starting point for Chris Bierl’s interest in this area, an area strongly characterised by both heavy industries and labor.

“A One Storied Country” explores the poisoned tracts of mining cities, dying villages and residential architectures in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan Oblasts. The artist gives insights into the many faces of the region, where some of the world’s biggest mining holes lie directly next to natural reserves. The variety of rural, urban and industrial habitats unveil how things are interwoven with one another. They appear like representatives for Russia’s post-soviet status (quo).

Chris Bierl is a German, Berlin-based, artist and photographer. He is interested in the relationship between mankind and nature, our understanding of wild, domestic and manmade landscapes as well as society’s integration in cityscapes and the sociocultural surrounding. He received a diploma in Photography at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and post-graduated in Media Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. 

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