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Chronicles Set I


16 pages, 13 x 18.5 cm,
Softcover, Staple Binding,
Digital Printing
Limited Edition of 100

We are delighted to relaunch Chronicles in a new format. Each Chronicles is a collection of five small projects by five different artists. Not sold separately.

1: Company Town, Nightfall––Sam Oberter

In a deeply-rooted copper mining district in Southeastern Arizona, the operation’s current owner continues the nearly extinct legacy of building, managing, and amassing ownership of all the town’s property and services. To an outsider, quality of life appears exceptional across many measures. However, since the 1986 union bust, it’s a place where you lose your home if you lose your job. Sam Oberter’s images of the town and extractive industry context open a dialogue about life under questionably benevolent corporate rule.

2: Bokštas 25––Paul Walsh

As the tallest structure in Lithuania the Televizijos Bokštas can be seen from almost anywhere in the capital city of Vilnius. After the night of January 13th 1991, when many unarmed civilians lost their lives opposing the Soviet military seizure of the tower, it has become revered as a symbol of Lithuania’s move towards independence. On the 25th anniversary year of the siege Paul Walsh circumnavigated the tower 25 times on foot, with each circuit heading further out into the city. Covering 170km in 6 days, he photographed the tower from different views across the city.

3: Urban Transition––Maarten Vromans

When existing buildings are given a new purpose, their appearance changes too: dated facades are modernised, chipped exteriors are given a fresh lick of paint. But no matter how beautifully these transitions are executed, they can never entirely hide the layered history of a building and its roles: it remains perceptible and tangible forever. For his project ‘Urban Transition’ Dutch photographer Maarten Vromans captures this stratification that has been occurring on urban buildings over the years.

4: Venice Backstage––Hans Schlimbach

No gondolas, no sights but views of Venice from ›operating mode‹, the backsides, work routes, the homes of the few remaining employees of the ›showroom‹ Venice, the ›broom closets‹ and backyards.

5: n10––Miguel Henriques

In this series I photographed the North section of the N10, a radial road that runs through the Tagus estuary. This section was added in 1961 to the original road that covers the southern route between Cacilhas and the Marechal Carmona Bridge in Vila-Franca. This route begins in Sacavém, crossing industrial facilities and villages, towards Vila Franca-de-Xira, where the region of Lezíria begins, a land of bulls, horses and os Campinos, the Portuguese cowboys.