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Napoli Nord
Napoli Nord

Napoli Nord explores the Roma camps on the northern outskirts of Napoli. The project documents the houses built by the Roma population, their interiors and their inhabitants. Instead of portraying its precarious housing and decay, Vincenzo’s images undermine our prejudices and offer us an insight into an oft-misunderstood world.

Vincenzo Pagliuca was born in Italy in 1980. His artistic intention is to express through photography the personal perception of places he finds extraordinary, especially bringing the attention to rural and suburban Italian locations. With certain places he establishes a connection over time, a long-term dialogue from which a strongly internalized vision of landscapes and architectures springs.

  • 80 pages, 24 x 21.5 cm
  • Hardcover, Clothbound
  • ISBN 978-1-908889-69-0
  • Limited Edition of 500
  • TVC069