No Storm in Sight


96 pages / 200 x 264 mm
Softcover, Sewn Binding
Four-Colour Offset
Limited Edition of 500

The photographs of the series “No Storm in Sight” were taken in Switzerland where natural beauty and human interventions are found in close proximity. The pictures move along the confrontation lines between the man-made and the natural, focusing on moments in the everyday. Naturalness and human-made artificiality intertwine, creating friction in the process. Out of that, a kind of mysticism arises which gives the vague a modern shape.

Norbert Graf (*1969 in Lucerne, Switzerland) finds creative potential both in urban and rural environments. As a photographer he focuses on the structures which shape our lives, the behaviors which result from it and how these mutual dependencies can be perceived in pictures. Next to photography he has a PhD in musicology and was professionally trained as a classical pianist.

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Special Edition Print
Inkjet, Lessebo Smooth Natural,
300g, 26 x 19 cm,
Edition of 20, €150

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